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Metal Clips for Electrical & Electronic Devices from China

Dongguan Laitong Metal Products Co. Ltd. is a leading Metal Clips manufacturer and also a leading metal clips suppliers from China; having top quality metal clips that are most commonly categorized as flat or sheet material that is formed into simple or complicated shapes. Most often, metal clips are manufactured using low and high carbon steels, copper, stainless steel, depending on the application. We are producing durable battery metal clips, antenna metal clips, automotive metal clips, bracket metal clips, electrical devices metal clips, and electronic metal clips etc. We are well determined metal clips manufacturer who has been most regularly categorizing our metal clips to use as flat or sheet materials as per required needs. We are highly designing the relevant metal clips to provide simple or complicated shapes. Most often, Clips are manufactured using different grades of raw materials for manufacturing the metal clips. The material that we use is low and high quality of copper, carbon-steel, and stainless-steel that simply depends on the functions and applications.

Application of Metal Clips

? As a controller used for controlling the movement of the mechanical parts

? As a buffer used for absorbing energy, such as buffer clips for car or train

? As an energy storage element, such as clips for watch and clock, clips for gun

? As force measurement element

The following pictures show clips we do:

Photos of Metal Clips