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Chinese Precision Wire Forms Manufacturers

LT Metal Stamping is one of the best precision wire forms manufacturers in China and around the world. We are one of only a handful couple of precision wire forms manufacturer and suppliers from China that offer precision wire products at the most high quality, have 5-day lead times on custom wireforms, and a 15-day fulfillment ensure. No precision wire forms producer will beat LT Metal Stamping's level of ability, spring plan learning, lead time, evaluating, or consumer loyalty. Here @ LT Metal Stamping, we produce precision wire components from 0.006 wire distance across to 0.100 inches in wire width. LT Metal Stamping has engineers that will work with you on your wireforms configuration to ensure that your formed wire is impeccably designed to get you the best precision wire forms at an ideal cost.

What are Wire Forms?

A wire form is a general term utilized for any craft wire forms other than the custom pressure, torsion or expansion springs. These wireforms are intended for custom applications and typically perform some wire forms spring capacity. LT Metal Stamping has outlined and constructed custom apparatus committed to assembling strong resistance, highly accurate wire forms at a quick and productive rate. From the least difficult to the most complex geometries, we have the group to help you. We likewise have the hardware to give you either a model or a large number of pieces.

  • Wire forms from any compound including Nitinol
  • Wire forms from any molded material
  • Straightened and slice wires to any length
  • Wire sizes from 0.001" to 0.070" contingent upon shape and material sort

Types of Precision Wire Forms?

Precision Machined Wire Form:

LT Metal Stamping sells a broad range of precision machined wire forms that meets the industry standards and ASME specifications; we also custom fabricate precision machined wire forms, wire forms manufactured with precision multi-slide bending and forming or four-slide bending and forming methods.

Precision Threaded Wire Forms:

LT Metal Stamping manufactures wire forms accurately, wire handles, wire holders, precision wire shopping carts, mechanical clasp and springs using CNC and other exactness wire forms threading equipment. We fabricate OEM, institutionalized, strength or custom wire forms to meet the different needs of an assortment of market segments, numerous with their specific guidelines.

Precision Wire Form Fabrications:

CNC and precision wire forms manufacturing services are available at LT Metal Stamping considered as the best wire forms manufacturer in China. We have nearly a hundred years of experience producing wire forms and a wide range of machinery to accommodate commercial projects. Get the standard wire forms which are available in our product inventory.

Precision Wire Forming:

LT Metal Stamping gives an extensive variety of accuracy wire forming administrations including CNC creation abilities, plan, quick prototyping, designing, generation or manufacture, optional operations and wrapping up. We deliver items all through the United States and to business customers around the world.

WireForms Manufacturer:

LT Metal Stamping is a primary, wireforms producer for OEMs, MROs, supply organizations, and numerous other clients around the world. We manufacture wire forms for most market areas including metal industry, farming, medicinal gadget fabricating, and for car businesses.

Precision Wire Forms:

We deliver a broad range of standard precision wire components, OEM, and custom wire form manufacturer; CNC wire forming and CNC wire bowing administrations accessible. Thus, reach us with a request for wire forms spring determinations for modified spring wireforms manufacturing.

Precision Wire Forms Manufacturer:

LT Metal Stamping (China) is a precision wire forms makers with more than 100 bits of apparatus including CNC generation gear. We create OEM, institutionalized and custom wire forms, wire holders, wire handles, precision wire shopping carts, mechanical clasp and custom springs that meet various market segment norms. We utilized the best and the state of the art wire forming techniques to manufacture different types of precision wire products and precision wire components for our customers globally.

Precision Wire Forms Supplier:

China-based LT Metal Stamping is an exactness wire forms provider, essential producer and merchant of OEM, standard, Forte and custom wire forms, holders, handles mechanical latches, and springs to clients all through the United States and to customers around the world.

Trust LT Metals When It Comes to Wire Forming Companies

LT Metal has many global clients who are happy with our supplied products. The best thing to share in regards to the work done by us and the cash we spared them. We offer same day quotes and full examination of your precision wire form query even before you expectations. Every precision wire form component or product manufactured by LT Metal Stamping can easily be viewed on website product page. We are a qualified precision wire forms manufacturers in China here to serve you and help you through the whole process of planning, modeling, and obtaining the final product. We are proud that we fulfill our clients and to manufacture highest quality wire forms that are precise to a standard level. LT Metal Stamping is your one stop machining shop for custom precision wire forming.

Photos of Precision Wire Forms

compressing spring (2)
big torsion spring
compressing spring (3)
compressing spring group
compressing spring
Custom Compressing Spring for Electronic device
custom extension spring
custom spring for battery