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Stamped Parts for Auto

Dongguan Laitong Metal Products Co. Ltd. has been well known as a leading manufacturer of Stamped parts for automotive from China. The automotive industry makes use of more deep drawn metal stampings for parts than perhaps any other manufacturing industry today. At LAITONG, we manufacture stamped parts for dozens of different systems and sub-systems within an array of vehicle platforms.
• Airbag: metal stamping parts are used for inflators, diffusers, modules, and initiators.
• Brake: metal stamped parts are used for anti-lock brake systems (ABS), foundation brakes, parking brakes, brake modules, brake ECUs, mounting isolator grommets, covers and caps.
• Cooling System: metal stamped parts are used for thermostats, fittings, connectors, housings, shells and flanges.
• Emissions / Pollution Control: metal stamping parts are used for oxygen sensors, oxygen sensor wire harnesses, EGR, urea injection and shields.
• Fuel Delivery: metal stamped parts for automotive are used for fuel rail, direct injection, fuel pump, fittings, injector cups, caps, shells, and housings.
• Lighting: metal stampings are used for bayonet sockets, reflectors and shields.
• Motor: metal stampings are used for motor housings and armatures.
• Sensor: metal stamped parts are used for sensor housings and core tubes.
• Power Outlets: metal stampings are used for sockets and accessory power sub-systems.
• Transmission & Chassis: metal stamped parts are used for rotary valves, valve bodies, valve inlets, valve seals, valve actuators and bonded piston stampings. Our company manufactured entire stamped parts for automotive have been playing vital role in providing the necessary services where it is required effectively.

Our Experience

With years of experiences in designing and manufacture metal stamping parts, we will understand your requirements more. The following pictures show interface shells we do?